Creative Art Director

Impossible Shipps

Fans are always shipping couples from Netflix's shows. During Valentine's Day, we wanted to encourage this behavior and take it to the next level by making them shipp characters from different shows. To be able to do this, we invited a relationship expert: Pepita. Her advices guided our fans to create couples and even trouples throughout shows. After they did it, we created a video with the most asked shipps by bringing the characters together using editing magic.

It all started with Pepita inviting fans to create impossible couples from different Netflix shows.
After she took all fans' suggestions, it was time to bring it to Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO) to make those couples real.

Instagram Stories kept the conversation with Pepita practicing her English, playing a shipping slot machine and even shipping herself with Lucifer.

After all the shipping, it was time to make fans' dreams come true by bringing the couples together through the editing magic.